White Label Solutions

A ready-made solution for businesses

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What is White Label?

Building your own software can make you spend large amount of working hours as well as budget. This is not always needed. How about an arrangement where you get to license the product to the customers and offer them on subscription basis.

It is possible now through white label software and app solutions. This is a decent way of adding value to the business without reinventing the wheel every time and saving yourself from spending more money time or efforts.

It's Simple, Quick and Easy

White Label app development solutions make branding very easy and simple as these are ready made and fully integrated. It becomes expensive and difficult to hire skilled developers who have knowledge of programming native as well as cross-platform apps and are updated about the new web, Android, and iOS technology. You need not spend money and time on development and research or hiring developers as you are just required to add your identity and brand to an already built app.

Low Development Costs

Since the white label app development solutions are developed by the company that created them, companies or businesses can simply partner with such solutions adding functionality to their website without actually spending much on developmental resources. Partnering with an already existent white label solution proves beneficial as it reduces costs as well as allows you can get to your customers faster with a solution they require.

Our White Lable Products



Communicator is a business communication platform. It is created to connect and empower all your employess whether they are working on the frontline or behind the desk. It combines workplace messaging with access to file sharing, training documents, important announcements, reports, events and calendar. It's everything your employees need in one super app on their smart phone.



E-Wallet is a Loyalty Platform for Small Businesses. It is a native mobile application for iPhone and Android phones. E-Wallet is not only used for payments, but also serves as digital membership cards for your customers.